R and R Farms

R and R Farms is nestled at the foot of a hill close to the junction of hwy 148 and the 7th line. It is the last farm in the township of Clarendon west on the 7th consesion. Tall oak, popular and evergreens, make a beautiful backdrop in every season for this picturesque farm.

It was a Nicholas homestead from the early 1950’s until the late 1980’s.Many of the original buildings that stand today were built by my uncle Osborne Nicholas. The house milk barn as well as some other out buildings were erected during his time farming.

Today an additional green house as well as a coverall hay barn and wintering sites have been built with the government regulations in mind.

With todays struggles in agricultural this farm has diversified into many areas. The pastures are filled with purebred Charolais cattle. You may also see a few donkeys as well as a horse keeping an eye on the livestock.A small piece of land was taken out of pasture and is now the garden plot where many different vegetables are grown. The green house serves as a starter place for the vegetables as well as a garden center full of flowers for spring sales.

What is a farm without a dog and there are three Bouvier Des Flandes that will greet you when you drive in the yard. Becoming a breeder and having puppies to sell is in the near future.

The farm is a working operation where many school children as well as adults have come for a visit. Seasonal flowers as well as fresh vegetables are always for sale.

We look forward to your visit.


Ron and Robert.